Timeline of apps used throughout the day...




6:00 AM

Good Morning!

Set an alarm to help you wake up every morning! Your iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to set up multiple alarms for various occasions.
- Set up an alarm you could use in your work week.
- Forget to turn in your attendance? Set up an alarm to remind you.
6:30 AM

What's the Weather?

Check what the weather will be like today and dress accordingly. Use The Weather Channel app. to get up to the minute weather updates.
Keep track of the weather in other cities by clicking on the i in the lower right hand corner.
7:00 AM

Check your Mail

You can use your iPhone and iPod touch to check your mail.
Adding your school e-mail account is easy just follow these simple steps:
  • Click on your settings tab
  • Click on Mail
  • Add account...
    • Microsoft Exchange
  • Add Server
  • Add Domain
  • Username: KISD username
  • Password: KISD password
  • Description: Your KISD e-mail address
7:15 AM

View your calendar

-Check your calendar for important events and activities for the day
-Did you know that your iPhone and iPod touch calendar allows you to repeat events by day, week, months or years?
7:20 AM
Lesson Plans

View and Edit your lesson plans

Check your lesson plans by using some of the applications available.
  • Documents to Go ($9.99)
  • Files to Go ($1.99)
If you work in collaboration with another team member you can upload your lesson plans to Google Docs. Later you can view and edit them using your iPhone.
  • GoDocs($1.99)
  • iGoogDocs L (Free!) This app. only allows you to view the document
  • Google Mobile (Free!) This app. only allows you to view the document
7:45 AM
Record a Note

Record a Note

Record a note of Juan's progress using these handy apps:
  • Audio Boo
  • iTalk Recorder
  • Voice Memos (comes standard with your device)
8:00 AM


Reinforce correct spelling by having some students working on these apps.
  • Spelling Bubble Lite
  • Spelling Magic
  • Spell it
  • Shake Spell
Use this Storyteller app to get your students creative juices flowing!
  • Storyteller ($1.99)
  • 100 Words to make you sound smart ($2.99)
  • Pocket Rhymer (Free)
The Assist app will help you keep track of how long your lesson is. With this app you can create a footprint for each lesson. Once created you can keep track of the time you spend on your lesson.
  • assist
9:00 AM
Language Arts

Language Arts

Build your students' vocabulary by having them work on these apps
  • Vocabulary Cartoons Lite (free)
  • Word Cafe
  • Word Clouder ($1.99)
  • Word of the Day Lite
  • Vocab WIZ SAT Lite

Download free stories from iTunesU for students to listen to. After your initial search you might want to filter the media by Podcast or iTunesU.
  • Lit 2 Go
  • Storynory
  • The Story Home
  • Stories for Kids
  • Big Story Time
9:30 AM
Call a Parent

Call a Parent

Call Juan's Mom and let her know what a wonderful day he is having.
Hide your caller ID from other callers by following these simple steps
  • Go to Settings
  • Phone
  • Show my caller ID on your iPhone
  • Switch it off
Simply follow the same steps to make it visible again.
10:15 AM
Check the clock

It's 3:00 p.m. somewhere!

Check out the world clock.
Set up multiple clocks to know what time it is all over the world.
Clock also has a stop watch and a timer. It could be used to take running records or time students' responses
10:30 AM

External Mouse

Need a mouse you can walk around the classroom with as you present your science lesson? Download this app and the additional patch at the Logitech website!
  • Touch Mouse
11:00 PM


Some great apps to reinforce Science concepts are:
  • 3D Brain
  • 101 Science
  • @ Thermometer
  • Chemical Touch, The ($.99)
  • Carbon Calc
  • Chem Lab ($.99)
  • Discovery Channel
  • iSeismometer
  • Mitosis
  • Molecules
  • Moon Globe
Check out some cool Science Podcasts by searching for the following in your iTunes store:
  • Ecogeeks
  • Ask an Astronomer
  • Why? The Science Show for Kids
  • Science Experiments for Kids
  • Dr. Carlson's Science Theater
  • Mr. Science Show
11:45 AM
Play a game

Play a game

After teaching your lesson on the solar system check your students knowledge of the material by playing a teacher created quiz or game using their iPhone or iPod touch. Here is an app that allows you to enter your own questions and multiple choice answers. Students would download the app and complete the quiz using their phone.
  • eClicker (free)
  • eClicker Host ($24.99)
  • vClicker Mobile Edition
Here are some other apps that will allow you to interact with your students without spending a lot of money.
  • Red:Green
12:05 PM
Lunch Time

Social Networking

Stay connected and keep up with friends and family using these social networking apps:
  • Facebook
  • Twitterific
  • Myspace mobile
  • Linkedln
  • TwitBird 2.3
  • textPlus
  • Meebo
  • Skype
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • A iMSN Live Messenger Free
  • Gowalla
12:30 PM
Social Studies

Social Studies

Help your students remember important historical facts by using these apps:
  • America Lite
  • Daily History
  • Constitution
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • USA Factbook Free
  • Visible Vote Mobile
  • World Fact Book ($.99)
  • Hear Planet Lite
1:00 PM


Download the free Coin Toss app and decide which group or person goes first in Around the World Math!
  • CoinToss (Free)
  • iChoose (Free) If you do not like coins, you can use dice! Or paper, rock, scissors
Use these apps to reinforce objectives and differentiate instruction
  • Clock Master
  • Coin Math ($1.99)
  • Algebra Prep - Factoring ($2.99)
  • Fraction Factory
  • Happy Math
  • Kids Math Ace Lite
  • Math Quizzer
  • Tangrams Lite
1:30 PM


Not much time for art? Check these apps out:
  • Art Gallery Free
  • Art Lite
  • Brooklyn Museum Mobile Collection
  • Comic Touch Lite
  • FaceGoo Lite
  • Fine Art - The Great Masters - 11 volumes ($.99 each)
1:45 PM


Not musically inclined? Use these apps to help:
  • Classical Music Lite
  • FingerPiano Lite
  • EasyTAP
  • DigiDrummer Lite
  • Metronome
  • Mini Piano
  • Pandora
  • iheartradio
  • Tapthebeat free
2:00 PM


Have your kids go on an adventure. Hide geocaches around the school in inconspicuous places. Place facts or a multiple choice question with the cache about today's lesson. Have the students work together to find the answer. Use these apps to help:
  • MotionX GPS lite
  • Geocaching Intro
  • Geocaching toolkit iGCT
2:40 PM


With the flashcard apps. you could write your students names and emergency contact numbers so you do not have to carry around 22 dismissal cards.
  • iflipr Flashcards lite
  • Study Flash
  • iFlashcards Free
3:15 PM
Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting

Take notes using your iPhone or iPod touch at staff meetings and professional development courses using these apps.
  • Notes (Free) - Standard with your iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Evernote (Free) - Sync with your desktop and easy to search through.
3:30 PM

Network and Share information

Download the BUMP application and share your information with a co-worker at your meeting. This app makes sharing your contact information quick and easy!
  • BUMP
4:00 PM
Check for Bargains

Check for Bargains

Find cool free/ reduced price apps using this nifty app!
  • BargainBin
  • Yowza!! Mobile Coupons
5:00 PM


Get some help on being healthy and fit by using these apps:
  • Fitness Plan
  • iTredmill ($1.99)
  • iWorkout Lite
  • Lose it!
  • True Weight Lite
6:00 PM
Create a video

Create a video

Shoot a video for your students to view or to use in a lesson:
  • Animoto Videos
  • Owners of the iPhone 3Gs can make videos using their camera which come included with their device!
6:30 PM
Name that tune

Name that Tune

What is the name of that song on the radio? Find out using these apps:
  • Soundhound
  • Shazam
7:00 PM
Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Listen to great music using these apps:
  • Pandora
  • iTunes
  • iheart radio
  • Slacker Radio
  • Public Radio Player
  • Rhapsody
7:05 PM
What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

Not sure what to make for dinner? Use these great recipe apps to figure it out!
  • Betty Crocker Cookbook
  • Whole Foods Market Recipes
  • Epicurious Recipes and Shopping
  • McCormick Recipe Finder
  • AllRecipes

Don't feel like cooking? Find a place to eat using these apps:
  • urbanspoon
  • iWant
8:00 PM


Get your groceries done using these apps:
  • Grocery Gadget Lite
  • Groceries - The grocery shopping list ($1.99)
  • isave groceries ($.99)
9:00 PM
Watch a Movie

Watch a movie

Find a video rental place close to you using these apps:
  • redbox
  • blockbuster
10:00 PM
Time to Relax

Time for Bed

It's time to relax and get ready for bed. Use these apps:
  • Sleep Cycle alarm clock
  • Sleepmaker Rain lite
  • Ambiance light or full version ($.99)
  • White Noise Lite
PK-3 Center Activities: